Softball players have earned the right to tell their stories

The Next Season Announcement

Game 1 of the 2021 Women's College World Series Championship round boasted the best audience on record at 1.86 million viewers, up 37% over 2019. ESPN reportedly utilized 42 cameras for the coverage of the Series. All of the coordination that is required for an event of this size was the work of someone you’ve probably never heard of, Meg Aronowitz, who is a Senior Coordinating Producer at the network.

Meg is just another example of a woman connected to softball who toils in obscurity to grow this game. It’s time to eliminate that obscurity and shine a spotlight on the stories that our community cares about. Viewership is up.  Revenue for the NCAA is up.  The women who play this game have earned the right to take part in the growth and prosperity of the sport. The Next Season is our way of moving in the right direction.

The Next Season is our innovative brand ambassador program that includes a signature shoe deal, a signature apparel deal, and access to brand or career training that will help athletes get further, faster in their next business endeavors.

We are so happy to announce that Kayla Green and Maddie Muelken have signed on as two of our Ambassadors for The Next Season. They surprised us all by being the top vote-getters in our community survey because their communities mobilized behind them. Their communities started spreading the message and casting votes.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – attributed to author Maya Angelou

Right now, you may not be familiar with Kayla's or Maddie's stories, but you will be. For now, you should know that both have the unique ability to inspire the communities around them. And that was plenty enough reason for us to select them for the program.

Your impact on others matters

There has never been a DIII athlete with her own signature shoe and apparel line. Maddie Muelken will be the first!

It turns out that we are not defined by our circumstances. Kayla Green’s life is testimony to that!

Every year, millions of athletes play softball. Year over year, many more millions of people watch it on tv. It’s time for brands like us to tell the stories of these athletes who have dedicated their lives to softball. The sport continues to grow but the number of opportunities for athletes who play hasn’t kept pace. There is still a huge opportunity gap between men and women athletes after their college careers are over. We believe by telling their stories and proving their marketability, we’ll increase the number of opportunities for women athletes.

Up Next

We are continuing to fill out our roster of The Next Season Ambassadors.

Next up, we will be getting to know our new ambassadors and sharing their stories with you.

Within the next two weeks, we'll begin developing their signature apparel and shoe lines.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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