How To Deal With Excessive Sweating in Softball

First and foremost, sweating is a healthy and essential process for the human body, so if you you perspire a lot on the softball field, have no worries. Sweating is a natural bodily function, but it can sometimes be distracting and get in the way of your performance. For this reason, we have provided a few helpful tips on how to deal with excessive sweating while playing softball.

1) Drink Up

It is incredibly important to drink plenty of water if you sweat a lot. Drinking water or a water-based sports drink is necessary to replace lost body fluids. If you do not replace the fluids that are being lost you risk becoming dehydrated and overheated. Drinking cold water is preferred because it helps regulate your body temperature. When you produce sweat, that is your body trying to cool you off. Drinking cold water will help this process and might even reduce the amount of perspiration.

2) Keep Your Head Cool

One way to keep sweat to a minimum is by keeping your head cool. This will help regulate your body temperature and prevent you from profusely sweating. One great way to keep cool is by placing a cold towel on top of your noggin while you are in the dugout.

You can keep the towel in a cooler with ice or cold water, along with your sports drink or water bottle. The cold towel will help regulate your body temperature, and in turn will temporarily reduce excessive sweating.

3) Moisture Management Fabric

Incorporating moisture management fabric into your wardrobe and sports equipment is an effective way to wick away sweat from your face or body so you are not distracted by excessive perspiration. The difference between moisture management fabric and other fabrics is that it is a soft, light material that absorbs moisture easily.

It also drys a lot faster than most other fabrics. These features make it perfect for clothing and sports equipment because it prevents too much sweat from interfering with your game.

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