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Softball Positions Explained

Softball Positions Explained

Constanza Ulloa-Colina

Outfielders (CF, RF, and LF):

Positioned beyond the infield, they catch and field «flyballs,» line drives, and ground balls hit into the outfield. (source)

OUTFIELD Photo: UWire[/caption]

Second Basemen (2B)

Plays in the gap between the bag at second and the first baseman. Receives throws from fielders attempting to make outs at 2nd base and fields «grounders»and «pop ups» hit to this side of the infield. (source)
2nd basemen

Short Stop (SS)

Fields the balls hit to the infield between second and third base. She covers second base (along with the second baseman) and is often involved in force plays and «double plays» with the second baseman.(source)

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Pitcher (P)

Throws the softball from the center of the diamond (pitcher's mound) to the catcher. The pitcher uses a underarm motion to pitch the ball toward the "strike zone". After making a pitch, the pitcher gets ready to field balls hit up the middle.(source)
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Third Basemen (3B)


Plays to the left of third base and covers any plays there. Receives throws from other fielders attempting to make outs at 3rd base.(source)

First Basemen (1B)


Positioned just to the left of the first base. Their main role is to make fielding plays on balls hit toward first base.(source)

Catcher (C)

Plays in a semi-crouched position behind home plate and receives pitches thrown by the pitcher. Also receives throws from fielders attempting to make outs at home plate. (source)


Map of Field:



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