10 Reasons Why Softball Players Should Thank Their Moms

Mother's Day is here and most of us would agree that moms are pretty awesome. With that being said, moms are still being overlooked for their inexhaustible cheerleading, chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning, and many more jobs that have taken a part in our softball lives. Take this day to thank your biggest fan.

1. For making all of our team hair bows the night before a big tournament.
2. For dealing with my horrible attitude after every game that I lost or was benched.
3. For lending an ear every time we've wanted to rant to you about the coach or team drama.
4. Although embarrassing, thank you for being my obnoxiously loud fan.
5. For sitting up in the stands cheering for me no matter how hot or cold it was outside.
6. For taking pictures of me playing even if I insisted you stop.
7. For driving me to every practice and tournament, plus not minding the six other annoying teammates that tagged along.
8. For always having a cooler stocked with the snacks and sandwiches so I wouldn't have to drive off the field to get a sub.
9. For braiding my hair before, in between breaks, and after games.
10. Lastly, thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me when I stopped believing in myself.


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