The Helmet That Keeps You Cool

With summer around the corner, be sure to keep your cool on the plate with the RIP-IT helmet's two most functional features.

Air Vents

Adding air vents to a helmet is a quick tweak that makes a huge difference. Helmet manufacturers are now creating helmets with air vents to maximize athletes comfort on the field. When added to a helmet, air vents circulate cool air into the helmet to help prevent players from becoming overheated.

Although air vents might seem like a luxury item for a helmet, they have proven to be more of a necessity. Helmets without air vents tend to trap moisture and hot air, leaving players prone to many heat-driven illnesses.

With air vents as an added feature on your helmet, you will be exposed to cool outside air to minimize your chances of overheating. With the flow of cool outside air, you will be able to play comfortably at your peak level of performance.

Moisture Management Fabric

The combination of heat and moisture can be harmful to an athlete's performance. When players get overheated on the field they experience symptoms such as dizziness, excessive sweating, disorientation, thirst, headaches, fatigue, and weakness. To help prevent overheating, containing moisture is a must.

Helmet padding with moisture management fabric will help eliminate moisture inside your helmet by wicking away sweat from your head and face. Padding that is wrapped in moisture management fabric makes players more comfortable on the field by keeping them cooler and drier.

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