Is Your Helmet Killing Your Game?

Player performance may not solely depend on their equipment, but the gear used is often the slight advantage and edge players need to overcome their opponents. The same goes for a moisture management, comfort, and of course, confidence.

Don't Get Hot Headed

There is a delicate balance when it comes to designing a softball helmet- the helmet must be strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear of competitive play, but also provide proper comfort to promote overall wellness during extended use. A helmet needs to become a natural extension of a player to allow for maximum performance and minimize risks associated with overheating. Looking at the number and placement of air vents is important to assess a helmet's ability to disperse heat.

At RIP-IT we pride ourselves on offering an industry leading 21 air vents strategically placed on the helmet to promote maximum heat management and wellness of the player.

A Sticky Situation

Lets be honest, softball is a hot and sweaty game, and we have some tips players can follow to help deal with excessive sweat. Continual physical exertion under the hot sun for a long period of time causes the body to sweat. While this is good and natural for the body to sustain a proper temperature, it can also cause displeasure and other challenges between the player and their gear.

To help reduce player discomfort while using our helmet RIP-IT introduced moisture-management pads. These lightweight pads are wrapped with Moisture-Management fabric that are designed to pull sweat away from your skin and hair so the helmet will feel incredibly comfortable all game long.

Putting You First

While RIP-IT puts a lot of time and effort into designing a great looking and our primary concern is the performance of the helmet. Each softball helmet we produce meets the NOCSAE Standard and goes through rigorous testing to ensure maximum performance.
All of our products also come with our amazing Love it or return it policy, so you can be sure you love your gear. If for any reason you don't love the gear, you can return it with no questions asked! So go ahead, take a look at our amazing Vision Pro softball helmet for yourself!

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