What sets RIP-IT apart?

RIP-IT offers outstanding personalized service

When you buy a product, most of the time you are getting your money's worth from the product and the product itself. With RIP-IT, you are not only getting a high-performing product but you are also receiving a warranty that sets us apart from other baseball-softball retailers. Here's why...

Love it or return it

Love it or return it

The Love it or return it policy allows the customer to purchase any product from our website and essentially test drive it for 30 days with-out any of the hassle or commitment of purchasing it. If at any point within those 30 days you are not completely happy with your product you can return it for a complete refund. RIP-IT believes that you should love your product and that buying it should be an exciting, stress-free process that leaves you with a rewarding product. The Love it or return it policy also covers the cost of shipping, there and back for our U.S. customers!
(Receipt is necessary).




400 Day Warranty

If you experience any issues with your RIP-IT gear, relax. This policy allows you to have unlimited replacements on the product you purchased within a 400 day period. In the event that any of our products stop performing to their full capabilities, we provide complimentary shipping both ways and unlimited replacements for all of our customers in the United States if your request is made within 400 days of the purchase date.



Peace of Mind Policy

The only policy that protects you on and off the field. This $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy helps cover the cost of your injury as a direct result of a ball striking the shell of your helmet or fielder's mask. This makes RIP-IT the ONLY softball company with a policy that protects you both on and off the field. This policy gives your player the confidence necessary to win.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call our customer service line at (888) 95-RIP-IT or shoot us an e-mail at answers@ripit.com

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