What Title IX Means to Athletes Today

It was only fifty short years ago that women’s sports were not protected under Title IX. Today we celebrate the progress that has been made and the milestones that have been reached for female athletes on the road towards equality. 

Prior to Title IX, only 1% of college athletic budgets went to women’s sports programs (King Enterprises, 2022). Fifty years later, female athletic participation has increased by 1057 percent at the high school level and 614 percent at the collegiate level (Elbaba, 222). As a company that caters to female athletes, and female athletes only, Title IX holds great significance to us. It represents opportunity, visibility, empowerment, respect, equality, and it continues to impact women’s sports in countless ways. 
At RIP-IT, we have the privilege of working alongside post-collegiate and professional female athletes. In the days leading up to the 50th anniversary of Title IX, we reached out and asked what Title IX means to them as female athletes.

For our RIP-IT Athletes, the common thread of Title IX is the opportunity it provides and the limitless potential as the years carry on. Today we celebrate the women who competed before, the women competing now, and the women who will compete in the future.

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