Your Best Spring Break Yet

Whether you’re planning a trip with other softball moms or spending some time with family, having a balanced spring break means taking some time away from the demands of a busy schedule to reconnect with the important people in your life. So here are some tips for your daughter on how to have fun, get some rest and return home ready to dominate the diamond.

Make every day of spring break count with some activity. For your daughter, that means stretches, time on her feet and even a quick workout to stay game-ready. Whether it’s fastpitch softball infield drills or softball workouts for conditioning, ask your daughter’s coach for a workout program she should be doing outside of practice—preferably something that can be done without equipment while away from home. Otherwise, let her show the boys how it’s done with this simple workout that’s perfect for the hotel gym, nearby park or even the beach.

Start with static leg and arm stretches to warm up. Then, see how many rounds your daughter can complete in 15 minutes:

  • 25 Jumping Squats
    Standing shoulder-width apart, squat until parallel to the ground and jump as high as possible. Land and reset into the next squat in one fluid motion.
  • 20 Incline Push Ups
    Elevate your upper body by using a nearby bench, the hotel room bed or a sloped surface.
  • 15 Reverse Crunches
    With your back on the ground and hands at your side on the floor, bend your knees and lift your feet toward the sky until your bottom comes off the ground.

Repeat the circuit as many times as possible until 15 minutes is up.

Having fun on spring break doesn’t mean anyone has to go overboard. Whether it’s in the van or in the sky, having healthy snacks on-hand while you’re on the go is the easiest way to make healthier choices. Bring along nuts, fruit and small veggies like baby carrots that provide long-lasting energy.

Depending on where spring break takes your family, you could also prepare a meal or two in your hotel room. Or go visit a local restaurant to enjoy something you can’t get at home. And if you’re doing some grocery shopping, stick to slow-burning carbohydrates, lean proteins and plenty of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables like we broke down in our Spring Training Guide to keep your daughter focused and strong.

Bringing out her inner champion on the field means scheduling plenty of recovery time off the field. Be sure you include some quiet time into your spring break plans so you and your daughter can do nothing but relax. Taking a break from the demands of class and the game is just as important for mental health as it is for physical health.

And while seven to eight hours of sleep is ok for most adults, younger people may need up to 10. Take spring break as an opportunity to prioritize hitting the sheets at a normal bedtime—especially toward the end of your trip, so that your daughter can return to her normal routine feeling unstoppable.

What’s spring break without the fun? Being a softball mom means you get to watch your daughter grow into a confident and courageous person. So let her take some ownership of your spring break plans by planning a family activity she wants to do. This could be something as simple as enjoying morning sunrise stroll, playing frisbee on the beach or exploring downtown. Whatever she decides, be sure not to over plan your trip. Because a balanced spring break is just as much about recovery as it is about enjoying time together.