Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask


Mask Color: Black
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Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Approx. 12 & under
Approx. 13 & over

Better visibility

Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other face mask.

Comfortable fit

Dual-layer padding adds protection and form-fitting comfort.

Eliminates glare

Blackout Technology coating inside bars eliminates distracting glares.

Moisture wicking

Wrapped padding manages dampness and reduces irritation.

Lightweight design

Steel bars with a powder-coat finish create a lightweight, protective frame.

Product Details

You play softball like a pro. So protect yourself like one. Meet the face mask by RIP-IT that's built for the big leagues. And get ready to up your game.

Product Benefits:

  1. Better visibility. Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other softball fielder’s mask.
  2. Comfortable fit. Padding and ponytail strap provide snug fit with superior adjustability.
  3. Moisture wicking. Washable, wrapped padding manages dampness and reduces irritation.
  4. Eliminates glare. Blackout Technology coating inside bars eliminates distracting glares.
  5. Lightweight design. Steel bars with a powder-coat finish create a lightweight, protective frame.

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  • Rip-It

    Mike S

    My wife and I want to thank you for the superb quality of your Defense Pro Mask. Our daughter transitioned to 14U Travel ball and we decided to buy her a new mask. She chose your product and we couldn't be happier that she did. Last week she was pitching in a tournament and the batter returned a laser line drive that she did not have time to react to. The ball hit her in the mask knocking her backwards off her feet and causing the ball to ricochet to the second baseman who made the out. Our daughter immediately got to her feet with a smile on her face, dusted herself off and proceeded to continue pitching. When she came off the field she was more angry that her mask was marked up instead of not catching the ball. There is no doubt in our minds that if she had not been wearing your product that we would be in for multiple surgeries and broken bones in her face and eye.

  • Rip-It

    Gwen S

    My daughter took a line drive to her face last fall. She plays 14u. The mask took the brundt of the hit and was knocked off her face. She turned around, picked it up and was ready to continue pitching. However, all coaches and umpires were surrounding her in fear of something worse. She was quite shocked. She finished the game and only suffered a burn/abrasion to her jawline. The fear of what could've been is something I try not to think about. We LOVE RIP-IT!!! We are very thankful for it keeping our daughter safe on the mound. We encourage all infield players to wear one. It keeps them safe while providing extra confidence to get in front of the ball. Thank you RIP-IT!!!!

  • Rip-It

    Bobby N

    My 12y/o daughter was hit in the forehead with a very hard line drive while pitching on 4/2/2017. She was wearing a RIP-IT Pro Defense mask and the ball hit it square on the forehead bar. After she was hit she dazed, confused and staging on the field until the coaches ran out to her. They carried her off the field. She has an concussion but in my mind the mask saved her life. Thanks for a great product!

  • Rip-It

    J L

    This mask has, not only given my daughter the confidence to go stand up and catch a hard throw but go after throws or hits that are coming straight at her. I am actually glad I waited to post a review because now I have good solid evidence of why this mask is worth the money. My daughter got hit square in the face last night and thankfully was wearing her RIP-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask. She didn't even flinch! There was no damage to her mask and even better, no damage to her face!! WITH THIS, IT HAS PAID FOR ITSELF!!! THANK YOU RIP-IT!!! I OWE YOU MY DAUGHTER'S FACE. Aside from getting hit, my daughter loves wearing her mask. It does not block her field of view at all. It is lightweight. She is eight years old and can manage putting it on and taking it off on her own. It was very easy to adjust. I tried it on myself when we first got it and I actually found it comfortable as well. I think they did a great job with the design overall.

  • Rip-It

    Kevin B

    My daughter is a 10U pitcher who came in on relief a few weeks ago in a travel tournament and on the first pitch took a rocket line drive to the facemask before she even finished her pitching motion. It knocked the mask off her face and knocked her down. We had Visions of bloody teeth, a broken nose and worse. However, the worse thing that happened was a scratch on the chin from when the mask flew off. The mask is severely dented and bent so we will have to get a new one but it certainly did it's job and protected her from major face and/or teeth damage. Would surely recommend this product to anyone.

  • Rip-It

    Mary J

    My daughter has worn a Rip-It mask since she started playing softball. Last summer, she was on the mound pitching in a 10U all-star game. Unusual league rules that don't allow for walks mean the opposing coach comes in and slow pitches to the batter for the remaining strike count. The batter hit a screaming line drive right back at the mound from 33 feet away, Because my daughter had not actually pitched the ball, she was standing still and unable to react in time. The ball hit with a sickening thud directly above her left eye. It hit with enough force that the mask padding across her forehead totally compressed and the ball STILL had enough velocity to ricochet off her head and into the outfield. It was the worst thing I have ever had to witness as a sports parent or a coach. To be safe, we took her to the E.R. She had a nasty goose egg, a small scratch, and a heckuva story, but that was it. No concussion, no fracture. That Rip-It mask saved her from a catastrophic head injury. She went on to pitch for her her team in the state all-star tournament.

  • Rip-It

    Terri B

    My daughter is a Pitcher on a 10U team called Yosemite Blaze. She was pulled up to pitch in a 12U tournament last weekend in Central CA. We purchased a Rip-It face mask for her last year and hands down this is the best purchase I have ever made.

    This past Sunday, our team had two outs against the opponent in a semi-final bracket of the tournament we were in when my daughter who pitches about 48 mph as an 11 year old, delivered a pitch that got drove right up the middle and straight into her facemask! The impact was hard enough to actually take her mask off. As this all played out, my daughter took the hit and seeing the ball drop a few feet away from her after impact, ran to the ball and threw the batter out at 1st base for the 3rd out.

    As a parent, my heart sank as I saw the scenario lay out. I was immediately relieved to see she did not miss a step throwing the runner out - which was a sign to me she was OK. She has some bruising under her chin and on the bridge of her nose from the mask pulling up and catching her but had that ball hit her square in the face without the mask, we would have been a whole lot worse off.

    I just wanted to tell you I am a fan and have pushed your product to every player I come across. Had it not been for the mask, we would have been in the ER. I am so thankful!

    The umpire called my husband and I over and confirmed that was the best investment we could have made. Thank you!

  • Rip-It

    Linda D

    I've used the RIP-IT fielders mask for 6 years now, and the visibility, price point and comfort make it the best fielder's mask in the market.

  • Rip-It

    Jill E

    I just want to thank this company for their life-saving equipment. My daughter was pitching to her coach during practice when he hit a line drive hitting her directly in the temple. The ball hit with enough force that her mask flew off. After a trip to the ER she walked away with just bruising all because of her RIP-IT Defense Pro. The mask was completely bent. I sent an email to RIP-IT thanking them for a product that saved my daughter's life and they shipped me a brand new mask. My daughter has always worn a mask and she will continue to. Thank you again for an amazing product that I believe should be mandatory for all pitchers and infielders.

  • Rip-It

    Sarah C

    My 13 yr old took a hard line drive to the face on 3rd base last night. Im so thankful for her RIP-IT mask. She never steps on the field without it. She's had the same one for 5 yrs and not even a dent after the hit! Thank you to RIP-IT for keeping my girl safe!!!

  • Rip-It

    Stephanie G

    The face mask is incredible and should be worn by any pitcher. Took a line drive to the head about an hour ago and the ball hit the mask first and then hit the side of my head. I would be way more injured without that mask. It is a second skin for me. First time I've been hit wearing it and I've had it for over two years. Wouldn't go on the mound without it.

  • Rip-It

    Angela P

    I wanted to send RIP-IT a HUGE thank you for your amazing face masks! My 15 yr old daughter, who plays for Texas Bombers NTX Adams, was pitching in a 16U tournament today. Well, at the bottom of the 2nd inning, she took a very hard line drive to her face. She was hit, turned around, took off her mask and then collapsed. She blacked out for a minute but was ok for the most part. We took her to the hospital anyway, and after a CT scan and X-rays, she walked away with a pretty good concussion, bad busted lip from her braces, a sore jaw and a sore neck. If it wasn't for her Rip It, she wouldn't have teeth and her face would have had multiple broken bones, and she could have possibly died. I have included a pic after the hit and you can see the ball hit with so much force, it dented the front piece that protects where her mouth is. She has worn a mask since the age of 10 and we never thought it could happen, but today it did. Thank you so much for your masks. Take it from me, they are so worth it! We will have to get her a new mask after this, but we don't care. It's nothing compared to our daughter's safety playing the sport she loves.

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