BBCOR Bats: Balanced vs. End Loaded ?>

BBCOR Bats: Balanced vs. End Loaded

BBCOR Baseball Bat

Weight and balance are important factors to consider when purchasing a new BBCOR baseball bat. Although BBCOR bats all have the same length-to-weight ratio, there are actually two different ways in which the weight of the bat can be distributed. These two ways are known as balanced and end loaded. To decipher which weight distribution method is best for you, it is important to know the key differences between the two.


When a BBCOR bat is balanced, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the bat. An ideal balanced baseball bat will have a lightweight feel and effortless, fast swing. Most importantly, a balanced BBCOR bat will have a lower M.O.I than an end loaded bat. What this means is that a balanced bat will let you swing a lot faster. If you are a contact hitter, a balanced bat will most likely be the best fit for you. This is because contact hitters typically need a bat with a fast swing that feels light and is easy to control.

End Loaded

A BBCOR bat that is end loaded has more weight towards the end of the bat barrel. This end load gives players more distance capabilities. This distance, however, will cost the player a bit of swing speed. For this reason, end loaded bats are typically best suited for power hitters that have strength and quick swing speed already developed.

Which One is Right For Me?

Choosing between a balanced and an end loaded bat is actually very easy. What it all comes down to is individual player preference and what feels most natural. If one style doesn’t feel quite right, RIP-IT’s “Love it or return it” policy makes it simple and easy to switch it up and try out another BBCOR bat.

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